AIG Malaysia: Providing You Safety No Matter Where You Are

Be Ready For Uncertainties With AIG Malaysia

We face many uncertainties in our daily lives. Hazardous situations could come about unpredictably, and it’s best to be ready by investing in a great security plan. With insurance, you can get a basic monetary safety net in case something terrible happens. This is when AIG is available to help you get taken care of in many ways. Explore their travel insurance to France and more.

What AIG Malaysia Offers

For a person dwelling these days, we now have plenty to manage — whether it is the brand new house we obtain, the automobile we drive a car or our personalized well-being. Sad events might occur from the azure, but we might not have access to the power and time to handle them. AIG Malaysia has arrived to aid with a variety of programs for various requirements, from your home insurance to personal automobile accident insurance.

AIG Insurance

Vacation Insurance From AIG

Use a worry-free trip through the getaways, whether nationwide or overseas! With AIG Travel Insurance, you may get as much as RM1 million in healthcare protection when you’re aside for the trips. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, you can get insurance as much as RM700,000, such as quarantine allowance. Explore their travel insurance to France and more.

Keep Your Property Risk-free With AIG Home Insurance

Give your home and belongings the maximum protection with AIG Malaysia. Get considerable protection for your home, including your valuables, anyplace and wherever they are at your residence. In case any damage comes about to your property, for example, thievery, flash flood, or flame, this plan will get you included, offering you holiday accommodation expenditures while you’re away.

AIG’s Automobile Insurance

Getting an automobile allows you flexibility in motion. Additionally, it requires specific risks that can result in damage and failures. AIG Car Insurance covers your vehicle from damages due to flame, burglary and road accidents. You will also be protected from hefty financial obligations since the strategy includes harm to other cars involved in an incident identical to yours.

Personalized Accident Insurance That Caters To Every Phase Of Daily life

AIG Personal Accident insurance will be the coverage you want — an agenda that moves along with you through various phases of existence. Enjoy coverage for health care expenses and charges in the face of unforeseen situations, and present your family associate precisely the same safety too later in your life. Sign up for this plan online or contact our substances for more details.

Why You Need to have Insurance coverage

What will afflict you and your loved ones in the face of life uncertainties, including accidents, health problems or natural disasters? It could be challenging to think about, but being prepared is the easiest way to relieve the effects of unfortunate events. Give both you and your family and friends satisfaction with insurance protection from AIG. AIG Insurance Programs For Extensive Safety Uncertain about selecting the proper protection to prepare for you? Worry not, because AIG Malaysia provides almost everything you need to protect. m protection for long trips, your vehicle, your house, or yourself–everything could be for you. Find out more by visiting and sign up now.